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About Me...

Photography is my passion. My passion for photography was inspired by my love of architecture, which inspired me to take photos of iconic buildings such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and St Marys Cathedral. I believe that photos capture the rare amazing moments in a persons’ life that can never be forgotten. 


Who is my inspiration? My son. Watching him grow, capturing his first steps and his first smile are my most treasured memories and when I look back at those photos I can’t help but reminisce on the fond memories and emotions. I want to share these emotions with you, to capture your amazing moments and life – changing events and preserve them for future memories.


What makes me different from any other photographer? Not only do I care and understand the importance of every moment on your special day, but I also have a unique style within my photography that you will not find anywhere else.  I believe the importance of any photo is to create dimension and portray various perspectives to preserve your moments in its truest form.


My aim is to capture memories for people to enjoy and reminisce over, time, after time.

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